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The Mall Thief

She was walking down the street with her hands swinging alongside her. Her eyes were focused and defiant and from the pursed look on her face, it was clear this woman was pissed off.

Passing the main doors of the mall, she looked over at the glass window and glared at the man staring out at her. The intensity of the look alone spoke volumes about her feelings. There was a mixture of hurt, sadness, distrust and confusion causing those tears now falling down her cheeks.

A few more steps across the parking lot.. she opened the door of her sporty new baby blue Mustang.. sat down.. laid her head against the steering wheel... and cried...

A little more than a hour ago she'd been caught stealing in that mall. Nothing big,just some lip stick and perfume.

But too bad for her,the cosmetics counter had been getting hit all week and someone needed to be made an example of.

Just as she slipped the bottle of Angel into her purse,she felt a sharp tug on her arm and found herself heading towards the office.
[Big German]

She pulled and tugged but his arm was too strong for her. She tried in anguish to come up with an excuse that would save her in time but, her mind raced with useless possibilities. She knew she'd been caught red handed here. She never intended to steal but, what had happened to her that early morning gave her no options.
[Scarlet Fanny]

You see, on her way to college for class she was stopped by a police officer for doing 9 over the speed limit and was given a ticket. When she got home from school that afternoon, she nonchalantly put her purse on the couch and went up to take a shower.

When she was finished, she opened the bathroom door to find her younger sister named Bobie was standing outside the bathroom with the ticket in her hand.

"Give me that," she said

Bobie jumped over her bed still holding the ticket.

"I'm gonna tell mom you got a speeding ticket," she said.

"Look I'll do anything, Bobie please keep your mouth shut." Brittney said.

"The only way I am staying quiet is if you go buy me some new perfume. I ran out of Angel and don't have the money to buy it myself."

Brittney glared at her, "What makes you think I have the money?"

"You can find the money, but if I don't have it by dinner time, we will have an interesting dinner discussion won't we." Bobie said with a mischievous grin on her face.

"Ok fine, I'll get the perfume, now give me the ticket." Brittney said

Bobie yanked her arm back, "After I get my perfume."

Brittney grabbed her purse and went down to the car to head to the mall.

Fearing arrest, she decided to hurl herself into the truth and hope for the best. "I wasn't stealing, sir" she stammered as the large man guided her down the hallway. "I was only borrowing."

"Borrowing!" the man laughed, "we'll see if the police agree with that."
"Yes, yes... I really was borrowing. My purse was stolen, so I didn't have any money" she continued as her feet carried her deeper into the back of the store. "I was going to come back and pay tomorrow, I swear."

She feared the man wasn't listening, and he indeed didn't say a word until they'd make the trek to the office. Once seated though, with a phone ready to dial in front of him he asked, "Why didn't you just buy... what is it, lipstick and perfume... tomorrow when you did have money?"

Sensing a glimmer of hope, she replied, "Well sir, I just flew into town for a job interview at Channel 7 News and not only was all my money in that purse, but so was all my makeup. I know it was stupid, and I am really sorry. I was going to come back and pay tomorrow though. But, sir... if you call the police over this, I'll never get a job anywhere. Is there anyway you can accept my sorry?"

A faint ghost of a grin twitched the man's lips as he considered the desperate young woman seated across from him. "Channel 7 news? Really, now that is interesting. I didn't know their current news anchor was leaving. What was her name? Janet Sampson, right?"

Sensing a glimmer of opportunity she shook her head enthusiastically in agreement. "Um, yes,yes that's the woman, I am interviewing for her position and it really looks good."

The man's face turned stony as the smile completely disappeared. He regarded the adorable liar sitting before him. He was definitely going to accept this woman's apology. But first he intended to teach her a lesson about stealing and lying. Obviously she thought she could wiggle her way out of anything, and no doubt she had done so all her life.

No, calling the police was not going to do the trick. This regarded a serious scared and appropriate consequence that the police would never supply. He turned to the anxious criminal sitting next to the desk. Something in his stony gaze caused her stomach to knot and the room became smaller as she shrank back into the chair.

"Well now young lady, let's see if we can make any sense out of web of lies you just provided for me.
[Purple Angel]

"Lies?" "I would not lie to you Sir, I do have a job interview and I was planning on coming back to pay for the items".

Feeling very disappointed in herself and seeing how this man clearly didn't believe her, made her see how truly futile all this was. After all, this wasn't her first time being caught shoplifting. She doesn't even know why she keeps doing it. It's like an obsession to her, something she just can't seem to figure out a way to stop doing.

She knew this man wasn't going to let her go that easy and really, deep inside, she didn't want him to. She wished he would just decide her fate and get it over with. The waiting was torture.

Brushing her hair back from her face, she looked up at him and said with all the dignity she could muster, "It really shouldn't be any of your concern, you don't know me, nor my situation." "After all, besides calling the police, which I feel certain you would have done already if you wanted to do that, what else can you do?"

"Well,I know channel 7 isn't going to put a college girl on camera young lady."

"I'm so tired of you girls coming in here and acting like this store is your own makeup case.The way I see've got just one chance that you don't spend tonight in the womens detention center....And that starts with you picking up the things you stole and putting them on that table."

Not seeing any other way out Brittney did as she was told."Hey" she screamed,seeing the store manager rumaging through her purse."I'm just making sure I got all my merchandise back,calm down young lady!!"Satisfied that she had only taken the perfume and lipstick he left the open purse on the table next to her.

"Now we're going to get to the bottom of this case,quite literally,now I want you to bend over and look at the perfume and think about what you've done."The manager said reaching into her purse and pulling out Brittney's hairbrush."In order for you to spend the night in your own bed I'm going to give you what your parents should have given you a long while ago!"

Whap!!The first swat landed over the jeans clad bottom.Brittney bolted upright and turned to protest.The manager would have none of it."Get back down young lady,I'm just starting.This lesson will stick with you."With that he returned to swatting her over jeans with the hair brush for about ten more minutes.

"Are you ever going to steal from this store again?"he asked"No sir"Brittney replied..."Are you ever going to steal from anyone again?"Brittney was caught off guard by the generality of the question and hesitated...It was not the best response she could put forward.

"Well I guess you haven't learned anything yet then,have you?"She blubbered "y,y,yes I have."

"You're still a little sneak thief and it wouldn't be right if I released you on the rest of this mall...or retail business in general.""You're going to have to drop your pants for this lesson to end."

"NOOOOOOO"Brittney screamed "I'll never,ever do this again,I promise." "I'm pretty sure you won't when I'm done with you."said the manager as he started to pull his belt through the loops of his slacks."Now,the quicker you do this the quicker we can both get on with our day.I said drop those jeans."

A sense of doom flooded her as Brittney began to unfasten her jeans.She hadn't been this scared since that cop caught her guarding the keg when she was 17....but she got herself out of that jam with a blowjob...this guy was serious.

"I"m about to change your life Brittney.When you leave this room you'll have a new appreciation for other peoples property and the virtue of paying for what you want."With that,the first strike from the belt on her bare bottom landed....Brittney felt the belt in such a way that it felt both like ice and fire at the same time.A tear welled in her eye as she wondered just how much of this she could really take.After ten welts started to raise and Brittney started to sob.After 30 more she forgot where she was and stopped keeping count in her head.

Now there was something different happening,either the manager wasn't spanking as hard or it wasn't hurting like it did before.Brittney found herself slightly pushing her bottom out to meet the belt as it struck her.Her hips were swaying ever so slightly.

The manager picked up on this and knew that any further spanking would no longer have the desired effect."I think you've had enough."he said"It's a shame you didn't steal a nice bottle of lotion,cause your ass is going to need some looking after for a couple of days.I trust you'll think long and hard before stealing again,won't you.""Yes sir,I promise to think a lot about today for a long,long,time."she said.

"You can pull yourself together and get out of here.And if I catch you stealing again you'll think of today like getting away with it,because I will make the impression last....I promise you."

Brittney said "I'll be good,I mean it.Thank you for keeping me out of jail."She pulled her pants up,a whole range of emotions running through her...embarrassment at getting caught and exposing her backside,rage at the manager for treating her like a naughty child,and shame for the way that she was starting to crave it at the end.She was sure that after a proper amount of healing she would be in his office again...perhaps for stealing a nice bottle of lotion.

She was just mad at herself for both getting caught and liking her punishment,and she'll be working that out while figuring out how to tell Bobie she gets no perfume tonight.
[Big German]

Running For Her Life

Slamming the door behind her, Brittany ran out into the street. She had her shirt only half tucked into her skirt and her hair tie was falling out as she headed towards the store. It was only a block and 1/2 away and once there she was going to call Caroline and beg her to help her get out of this situation. Will Caroline help me again? After all the times I've left and then returned again and again, are they sick of me? What will I do if they say they can't take me in? I can't go back to Frank, he's killing me inside. Larry and Caroline are my only hope!

As she gets to the store, she walks inside and falls into one of the snack booths and proceeds to get her cell phone out of her purse. She glances briefly out the window and sees a red truck and her heart stops, she panics for a moment and then breathes a sigh of relief when she watches it turn and drive on down the road... whew.. she puts the phone up to hear ear, hearing it ring... ring.... 'oh I hope they haven't gone on vacation'.. ring.. "hello", Brittany's face changes into a relieved smile, an expression she hasn't shown for the past few days... "Caroline..." she can't help it.. she starts to sob... "please help me".


"I have to leave Frank this time for good."

"You have to come and get me, please Caroline, I can't go back to him, yes I know I shouldn't ask you again, you and Larry have been a brick to me but I can't do it on my own." "I love him so much but I can't take his......


And then she gasped. For there in front of her, looking tenderly down at her, was Frank.
"I'm sorry sweetheart," he said,
"I had another temper tantrum.
"When you stormed out, and slammed the door, I realized how selfish and self-centered I'd been. I followed you here, because I didn't want to lose you.
"Maybe I just need a good spanking."
"Caroline," Brittany asked, "can I call you back?"


Closing the cell phone, Brittany looked through her tears at Frank as he sat down in the bench across from her.

"Larry and Caroline will take me in and help me get on my feet, this just isn't working anymore Frank and you know it too" Brittany states with all the composure she could muster.

"Please don't go Brittany, especially not to them, you know they don't like me" Frank growled.

"Frank, it's not that they don't like you, it's just they realize that you aren't able to give me the security and provide me with the accountability that I need, not with the smoking, not with getting to the doctor, not with my medication, nothing.. and you being sorry isn't going to fix that."

"You probably do need a spanking so you can get your own life together, much less being able to fix our life, just ask your wife."


Her First Spanko Party

"No, I don't want to go." Victoria wailed from behind the bathroom door.

"You said you'd give it a try, everyone wants to see you honey," Karl pleads.. glancing at his watch, knowing they are already going to be 30 minutes late at least.

Victoria knew she shouldn't have ever let Karl know how those hard spankings and swats with the occasional spoon or hairbrush excited her.. now he wants her to let him do it IN PUBLIC!!!

Karl kept trying to convince her that she knows all the people there, they are their friends, and she doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to. It's just a small party after all, not much different than the same get togethers they have at the house but with about three times the people.

"I don't even know what to wear... all these other "Spankos" as you call them, will be wearing hot, sexy stuff and I'm gonna look like an old school teacher you dragged to this event," Victoria whined as she looked at herself in the mirror. Smoothing her skirt and tucking her loose hairs into the soft bun she had her hair up in.

"These people, YOUR Friends I might add, happen to like school teachers.. I bet there will be at least 3 school girls there dressed that way on purpose", Karl chuckled, he probably isn't helping his case but the image of Victoria in a schoolgirl outfit got him excited and tickled him that she was so worried about this.

Karl walks up one more time to the bathroom door and knocks on it loudly, "Victoria, I've had about enough of this.. get your bottom out here or when I get in there, we're gonna have a talk you will not soon forget!"

Panic covers Victoria's face as she slowly walks towards the door...


She was wearing a grey pleated skirt, white knee socks, brown shoes with big brass buckles, a white shirt and striped school tie. Her hair was hanging down on her shoulders in two braids. She twisted her hands nervously and looked at the floor.

Wait," said Karl. "you forgot this."


Karl hands her a bright red apple.

"For the teacher" he grins as her worried frown turns into a slight smile.

He then takes Victoria's hand and pulls her close.

"Everything is going to be fine and you look absolutely perfect" he whispers into her ear as his right arm reaches around and firmly squeezes her bottom.

"Now let's get going, you don't want to be late" he chuckles as he grabs the keys and his implement bag and they head towards the door.